A Day of Landscaping for Today’s Ribbon Cutting

REMINDER: Today is the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony @ 4:30

Landscaping Day!
This weekend, Amy Crews headed up another great day of landscaping to prepare for the Ribbon Cutting with the BP community. Below is a messages from her and some pictures from the event.

Hello All,
We had a really great day today. The landscape is really shaping up and it looks great for tomorrow. We had just the right number of volunteers and a beautiful day. I can’t wait for you to see it in the morning. In the mean time, I’ve attached a few pictures of our group at work. I wrote a little bit for the blog or wherever you might want to use it as well. Another parent has more pictures which she’s going to send along to me and I’ll forward them when I get them.

In the end, we decided that the trees from Brooklyn Bridge park were really too small to use as a ceremonial tree and we popped over to J and L Landscaping and bought a Kwanzan Cherry which will be perfect as a commemorative tree. The price was good ($80) and if it’s too much for the school to cover I’ll pay for it. We planted it at the corner of East 2nd and FHP – this is a spot that I think can be a permanent location for the tree and will be a little announcement of the school from that direction.

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A little about our tree:
Kwanzan Cherries are native to Japan and will grow to 15-20 (or more) feet tall. They have spectacular double pink blossoms in spring and copper/red fall foliage. Cherry blossoms often are tied to ideas like the beauty and fragility of human life. This is largely due to the flowers’ intense beauty and short survival span. Philosophers and spiritual leaders often use the flower to illustrate their ideas, and it is commonly used in poetic imagery as well. Symbolism facts from (http://www.ehow.com/about_6739175_cherry-kwanzan-tree.html) in case you want more!!

Also, Barbara Gallant donated two shovels. They are in the PTSO closet with three stripes of (Brooklyn Prospect) green tape around the handles. We left some soil in the corner bed that you can scoop on to the tree if you want to do it as part of the ribbon cutting, if not, the tree is fine until I can get back there to finish the planting off which I will definitely be able to do within the next few days. I am not sure if I’ll make it tomorrow, it depends on how Jack is doing. If I’m not there Alison knows where the shovels are and can get them out for you. The Brooklyn Bridge park trees are planted on the East 3rd street side against the building. If we do get some garden beds going there they are perfect edible and medicinal species to have over there and they should thrive.
I hope to see you all tomorrow,

We had another fantastic day today working on the grounds. About 15 volunteers, including some students and siblings, came out on Sunday morning to prepare the grounds for the Ribbon Cutting ceremony on Monday. We continued the work that we started in September – we edged the beds, planted three trees, cleaned up the fence line, mulched the beds and started getting the perennials ready for winter. We also planted over 400 Daffodil bulbs (courtesy of the Daffodil Project by way of PS 321 who donated their extra bulbs to us) in the beds adjacent to the front entrance and in the beds on East 2nd Street where the Middle School is dismissed. Our transplants from September are thriving and we should expect a great show in the spring. Thank you to all of the volunteers for your hard work, good cheer and willingness to do anything. Many thanks also to The Daffodil Project, PS 321, GrowNYC the loan of the tools, Brooklyn Bridge Park for our two trees, J and L Landscaping for our discounted tree and mulch, Riland, our building manager, and to Anita Walsh for the sandwiches and treats just when we were all hungry!
It was a great day and we’re all looking forward to the Ribbon Cutting ceremony tomorrow.

Amy Crews

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