College Advising (Alison Hess)

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College Advising

cap_globeWith my two children at Brooklyn Prospect, one in Middle School and the other in High School, I know that the years are flying by and the time for college decision-making will be here waaaay too soon. I could have panicked, but instead I formed a focus group with other 9th Grade parents and met with HS Principal Kim Raccio and Guidance Counselor Samantha “Sam” Sloane. Here’s what I learned about college advising at Brooklyn Prospect:

Unlike many other high schools, which start college advising in 11th grade, Brooklyn Prospect begins the conversations and creates opportunities for student reflection in 9th grade. Our students have looked at the Common Application in Advisory, learned about the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program and IB Certificates, and explored the educational backgrounds and skill sets that are needed for various careers. The students have talked about choices in extracurricular activities. So, yes, while our teenagers are “living in the moment,” they are doing it with the understanding that the decisions they make today will affect their college applications in three short years. Forewarned is forearmed.

Later this year and in the years ahead, additional hands-on activities, college visits, and a new webpage with information and resources will be rolled out to guide Brooklyn Prospect students and their parents. The high school curriculum is college prep. The IB Program is widely recognized as preparing students for success in college, especially with respect to critical thinking skills, intellectual inquisitiveness and interpretation. We are fortunate to have an experienced, dedicated team at Brooklyn Prospect to advise our students AND to have a graduating class size that allows for individualized attention for each student.

So, no need to panic. Thanks to Kim and Sam for engaging the focus group parents in this exciting discussion!

Alison Hess
P’16 and ’19

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