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7th Grade Mini-Science Fair

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Did you know red wine is really bad for your hardwood floors?  As is soap?  

Did you know that different minerals can effect the growth cycle of plants?  

Apparently eating many donuts just before running is a bad idea…

Did you know that recycled tissues are the least likely to hold in germs?

Last night a few 7th graders participated in a Mini-Science Fair the preceded the PTSO meeting. It was a great way to see the fruits of labor from both the students and Ms. Britton.


Our Great Teachers… Let NYC Know

Why do we send our kids to BPCS?  The amazing teachers!

Big Apple Awards

This is our opportunity to give thanks and recognition to those who are educating our kids far beyond the classroom.

If you have experienced an exceptional teacher, let NYC know.

Nominate a BPCS teacher.