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URGENT: Sign this petition today to help get more funding for NY Charter Schools

A message from Brooklyn Prospect Charter School…

It takes less than a minute:

Sign this petition to demand funding equity for your student.

By leasing private space for our Windsor Terrace and Downtown Brooklyn campuses, Brooklyn Prospect, a public school, receives approximately 20% less public funding to spend on students than traditional public schools.

Help demand fair funding by signing the petition above or by contacting local representatives using the details below. Our students are public school students and deserve an equal opportunity to learn. Every signature matters.

Thank you.

To contact your representatives by mail/phone:

James Brennan 44th District
District Office
416 Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Albany Office
LOB 422
Albany, NY 12248

Felix Ortiz
District Office
404 55th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Albany Office
LOB 842
Albany, NY 12248

Joan Millman
District Office
341 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Albany Office
824 LOB
Albany, NY 12248

Sample script:

“Dear Assembly Member,

I need your support in order to get equity in funding and resources for my child’s public charter school, Brooklyn Prospect Charter School, especially funding for facilities.

If there is any way you can, I ask that you stand up and speak up in Conference when the charter issue is being discussed, on the simple basis of fairness and equity for all students.

I would tremendously appreciate your willingness to stand up for equity on my child’s behalf.”

Click here to sign the online petition!