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First Day of School

Apologies – there was a glitch and this post did not go up when it was supposed to but here it is!

September 7

Today was the first day of school and I had the opportunity to wander around to get some photos. It was great to see how far the school had come along in such a short period of time. Miraculous, really! This is a testament to BP’s commitment to our community.

The students were touring their new school and the excitement on their faces said it all. Their excitement may have even extended beyond those the gorgeous lockers.. To quote Santa on the M&Ms commercials, “They do exist..” and in great colors as well: blue, teal, yellow and red.

All of the classrooms were ready and well equipped with new desks, paint, etc. The music room has an awesome old piano in it and the science labs have cabinets filled with bakers and supplies. There is still work to do on those so look for updates.

For the cafeteria, cafe style tables were chosen over the standard long tables and benches to better reflect BPs philosophy on community. The kitchen is not yet approved for heating up food but is in full swing to serve Red Rabbit’s prepared cold foods.

Few additional perks to note
– Filtered water bottle fountains!
– Air Conditioning
– Outdoor recreational area on part of the lot

Please enjoy the gallery with pictures of our new school.

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Welcome to the new BPCS!

A Special thanks to the Immaculate Heart of Mary community

“As we start the preliminary stages of our transition, we are especially grateful and offer thanks to the Immaculate Heart of Mary community for their very warm welcome. Some of our current families are active members of the IHM church and we look forward to collaborating with the church and the surrounding community in the coming years. The school building itself is special and the neighborhood lovely. We feel extraordinarily lucky to have the opportunity of rejuvenating and filling its hallways with students in September.”

– Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

About our new school

As the current year draws to an end, we have much to look forward to with the new school.  I recently had the pleasure to tour the new school.  With a grand entrance overlooking the courtyard, the school is very welcoming.  The 3 thing that stood out the most were:  light, wide hallways, and community space.


The afternoon light is amazing at the entrance and in the main offices.  They are in a fishbowl and are very welcoming.

Each classroom is very large, airy and filled with light.  The photos were taken in the afternoon with the overhead lights turned off.

The classrooms are more than double the size of the current ones, can easily accommodate the students, teacher’s desks/supplies and lots of extra room for other activities. Events like the Renaissance Fair will be well represented in these spaces.


The hallways a nice and wide and will accommodate lockers for all of the students.  They will have a place to store their books and we will have a reprieve from the “ugh my bag is too heavy…”

Community Spaces

Brooklyn Prospect is a strong community and the new facility has many great spaces to accommodate and encourage this.

  • the courtyard out front
  • benches and rubber top area in the back
  • large cafeteria and kitchen
  • library
  • large multi-purpose gymnasium/stage

All of these pictures and more are available in this album.

I encourage you to sign up to receive updates via email (top right) and provide your feedback/questions below as well.  This will be updated throughout the summer to keep you up-to-date on the progress and when volunteers may be needed.